Frontend Development
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Why is this course?
Get skilled in one of the most popular jobs around. Experts in front-end development enjoy wide career opportunities and can work almost anywhere, limited only by the availability of an internet connection. Consolidation of the best relevant IT materials adapted to the real world and trending requirements provided by full-time working experienced professionals and industry leading best practices. Learn how to develop a website using the latest development tools and practices. Gain experience with HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and more. Explore the skills needed to complete site development, application building, and functionality testing.
Stage 1. Introduction to Programming
Duration: 2 months
Level: Beginner
Сost: 7500 som per month
Stage 2. JavaScript in depth
Duration: 3 months
Level: Intern
Сost: 10 000 per month
Stage 3. Frontend Development
Duration: 4 months
Level: Junior
Сost: 10 000 per month
What you'll learn?
Introduction to Programming
Programming language basics

Advanced knowledge of Javascript
ES5, ES6
Event loop
Classes, promises, async/await, function composition, recursion and etc.

Frontend development with JavaScript
React JS library
Basic web development knowledge/technologies/principles (client/server applications, etc)

Our courses include
2 - 9 months
This program consists of 3 stages. After completing each stage, you are free to choose whether you would like to go on in this direction or switch to different courses.
2 onsite meeting a week, 2 hours each. Available online for questions. Course materials available online.
Onsite meetings at 19.00
Onsite meetings with a mentor are held two times in week, duration of meetings - 2 hours each.
You'll get advise on writing a resume and preparing for interview.

Become JS Frontend Developer - advance your career!
Starts: July 22

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